Performance Analytics for Node.js

Nodetime is an application performance monitoring and analytics service - an all-round solution for performance profiling, optimization and troubleshooting.

npm install nodetime
Add the nodetime package to your project.
  accountKey: your_account_key
Add before other require statements.
Analyze your applications in the realtime web console.
See the documentation for a complete list of features and description.

All-round Profiling and Monitoring

The root causes of performance problems can be very different and complex to locate, while the result is usually simple - slow or unavailable web site. Nodetime reveals the internals of your application and infrastructure through profiling and proactive monitoring enabling detailed analysis, fast troubleshooting, performance and capacity optimization.

Performance Profiling

Powerful profiling tools are essential for locating performance bottlenecks or optimizing application performance in production. Transaction Profiler, CPU and Memory Profiler are ready to be launched on the production application at any moment to give you a total visibility.

Performance and Resource Monitoring

Monitor realtime and historical state of the application by following multiple application metrics. The metrics cover operating system state, garbage collection activity, application capacity, transactions and database calls for supported libraries, such as such as HTTP, File System,, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Memcached and Cassandra.

Database Monitoring: Redis and MongoDB

Monitor databases used by your applications without any extra setup. Database status and statistics will be available along with other metrics to watch, analyze and trigger alerts. Currently Redis and MongoDB are supported.

Anomaly Alerts

It is important to get notified when an application is experiencing performance problems in order to prevent downtime and be able to quickly locate problem's root cause, while profiling exact problem symptoms, which might later disappear. Nodetime allows creating alerts for all the metrics of the application.